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The Amazing Adventures of Literary Slut

Dionysus and the Coffeemaker

lady h
28 February 1984
"Patti has done more here for woman as aggressor than all the Liberation tracts published, and has pushed to the front of the media eye that it is just as much a process (ordeal) of learning to "become" a "woman" as it is for men wrestling with all this ballyhooed "manhood" business. It's this tough chick who walks like Bo Diddley and yet is all women like we've been waiting for so long, a badass who pulls off the feat of being simultaneously idol of women and lust object of men (and women no doubt)"--Lester Bangs review of Patti Smith's "Horses"

"Come to me, said the world
This is not to say
That it spoke exact sentences
But rather that I perceived beauty in such a manner."
--"Averno," Louise Gluck

"I'd have the immediacy of a bad movie,
not just a sleeper, but also the big,
overproduced first-run kind. I want to be
at least as alive as the vulgar."
--"My Heart," Frank O'Hara

good words: rabelaisian. cynosure. carnivalesque. redemptive. floozy. fetishistic. aesthetic. productivity. perspectival. textuality. genre. smoosh. dialectic. dialogic. heteroglossia. pedestrian. dylanesque. fallible. archetypal. artifice.

1585, 1922, academia, all five boroughs, americana, ancient foundational texts, bakhtin, barthes, benjamin franklin, bird by motherfucking bird, bob dylan, bruises, burgers & beer, burlesque, calvin & hobbes, camille paglia, chabon, coming-to-new-york narratives, contextualization, dad humor, dionysus, drinking in the afternoon, elevated trains, everyone else's secrets, explorer/mapmaker narratives, fairway coffee, female arrogance, fictionalizing just about everything, firefly, form and content, free clothing, genre, get awesome guy, herman melville, james joyce, john donne's holy sonnets, literalization and its inverse, making it new, mark helprin's "winters' tale, michel foucault, my vintage typewriter, new york city, patti smith, post-coital bullshit conversation, questionable autobiography, rabelais, really really good arguments, rhetorically beautiful avoidance, satire, seeing the beauty, self-invention, superheroes, the carnivalesque, the collapsibility of time, the gatsby syndrome, the hungarian pastry shop, the mentor/protege relationship, the puritan work ethic, the1585, treehouses, very high heels, walking home, walking really really fast, walter benjamin, writing